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(Ministry of Public Administration and Security No. 2017-75) Article 23 (Standardization of Public Data), Article 50 (Standardization) of Electronic Government Act, and In amending the "Standard for Opening Public Data" in accordance with Article 59 (Standardization) of the E-Government Act, The purpose of the amendment and the main contents of the public to inform in advance to collect opinions in accordance with Article 41 of the Administrative Procedure Act We announce as follows. September 7, 2017 Minister of Public Administration and Security "Public data open standard" revision (plan) Administrative notice 1. Reason for revision ○ To promote the provision and standardization of public data, and to promote efficient use of public data. 2. Propulsion process ○ (Establishment of the first) Establishment of standards for opening public data ('14 .7 ~ Sep. ') And enactment ('14 .10. 10. * 2 areas including parking lot, city park information ○ (1st revision) Enactment and notification of additional standards for 9 sectors ('14.12.10) * Child protection areas, public restrooms, social enterprises, information on issuing uninhabited issues, traditional markets, cultural festivals, lodging / Performing event information, free food service center, etc. 9 areas ○ (2nd amendment) 11 standards were added and amendment and notification of existing 10 fields ('15.8.4) * CCTV, daycare center, library information, lifelong learning lecture, recreational forest information, tourist information center, farm village experience village, Electric car charging station, free Wi-Fi information, public facility opening information ○ (3rd revision) Enactment of additional standards for 23 sectors ('12 .28) * Non-smoking area, car wash, sightseeing spot, protected water, heat storm, disaster hazard area, court zone information, GIS building integration information, basic information on building licenses, building licensing area, building permission area, Construction license, housing type, main commerce status in the whole country, agriculture and marine products wholesale market meridian price, agriculture and fishery survey price, mountain information, Hiking trails, information on a lot of traffic accidents, location information of traffic fatal accidents, urban railway route information, urban railway history information, City railway service information ○ (Fourth Amendment) Enactment of additional standards for nine sectors ('16.8.12) * Bicycle storage, bicycle rental, road trip information, local special street, speed information on road traffic, museum museum information, Information on designated medicines, rental of agricultural machinery, ○ (Fifth revision) Establishment of 27 fields, revision of 52 fields, revision and notification of establishment of common standards for open standards (Dec.15, 2006) * Additional enactment (27 species): Hazardous area for forest fire, civil defense evacuation facility, automatic heart attack machine, Resident priority parking information, tow vehicle storage, automobile inspection center, recycling center, health promotion center, dementia center, camping room, Tourist information, fishing information, boulevard information, local cultural relics, bidding notice, contract information, winning information, individual official price information Individual housing price information, elementary and secondary school location, elementary school school district, middle school school district, high school school district, High school unequalization area, educational administrative district, school district linkage information * Some revisions (52 kinds): Applying the improvements derived from the open standards target operation established until '14 ~ '16, Some revisions, such as the adoption of open standard common standards * Open Standards Common Criteria: Commonly applicable criteria for each type and term (58 items in 13 categories) and Establish basic reference information (open agency, relevant laws, renewal period, etc.) by standards 3. Scope: Administrative and public institutions 4. Amendments   ○ Additional enactment 14 fields: Open standards (open items and Detailed information by item) - pedestrian roads, overpass information, road tunnel information, resting place information, rental car business information, ground subsidence information, earthquake and tsunami shelter, Living waste disposal information, food waste disposal price information, baggage envelope price, wildlife rescue center information, Animal care information, local food certification information, city tour information 5. Submit feedback ○ If there is any opinion on the amendment (draft) of the "Public Data Open Standard", the Minister of Public Administration and Security (Public Data Policy Division). ※ Where to send your opinion - Position: Ministry of Public Administration and Security - Address: 1105, Seoul Government Building, 209 Sejong Daero Road, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea (110-760) - Contact: (Tel) 02-2100-3454 , (E-mail) ○ Note: "Public data open standard" revision (draft) is available on the website of Ministry of Public Administration and Security ( ) You can find them in "Policy Materials - Legal Information - Legislative / Administrative Notice" and the public data portal ( ).

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