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Ministry of Public Administration and Security Notification No. 2018-1 Article 23 (Standardization of Public Data), Article 50 (Standardization) of Electronic Government Act Accordingly, the "Public Data Open Standard" has been revised and notified as follows. January 5, 2018 Minister of Public Administration and Security "Public data open standard" revision notice (establishment of 16 additional fields, etc.) 1. Reason for revision ○ In order to activate public data provision and use, To establish common standards and promote private use. 2. Propulsion process ○ Establishment of standards for opening public data ('14 .7 ~ Sep. ') And enactment ('14 .10. 10.) ○ (1st revision) Enactment and notification of additional standards for 9 sectors ('14.12.10) ○ (2nd amendment) Establishment of 11 sectors standard and amendment and notification of existing 10 sectors ('15 .8.4) ○ (3rd revision) Enactment of additional standards for 23 fields ('12 .28) ○ (Fourth Amendment) Enactment of the nine additional standards ('16.8.12) ○ (Fifth revision) Establishment of additional 27 sectors, partial revision of 52 fields, revision and notification of establishment of common standard of open standard (Dec.16, 16) ○ (Sixth amendment) Enactment of 14 areas ('17 .10.17) 3. Scope: Administrative and public institutions 4. Amendments ○ Enactment of 16 areas of public data open standard addition - Speed ​​bounce, bridge, traffic information support center, road safety sign, road sign, unmanned traffic control camera, Bus lane information, pedestrian priority road, smart street light, traffic light, safety emergency bell location, one way road, Car maintenance shop, drowsy shelter, food truck clearance area, crosswalk ○ Some revised 20 fields ※ Main contents: Related laws and terminology Current description, explanation and example reinforcement - Traditional markets, day care centers, lifelong learning classes, electric car charging stations, information on opening public facilities, car wash, GIS building integration information, traffic accidents zone, urban railway line information, automatic heart attack machine, car inspection center, dementia center, Bidding announcement, contract information, successful bid information, individual official price information, individual house price information, rental car business information, 5. Related inquiries ○ Department: Ministry of Public Administration and Security ○ Address: No. 1105, Seoul Government Complex, 209 Sejong Daero Road, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea (110-760) ○ Contact: (Tel) 02-2100-3454, (E-mail) ○ Note: The amendment (draft) of the "Public Data Open Standard" is available on the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Page ( ) You can check the "Policy Documents - Legal Information - Instructions, Regulations, Notices" and Public Data Portal (

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