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Korea Information Society Agency is promoting a "public university linked data utilizing hands-on training" Support Program for the spread of social consensus underlying expanded to leverage public data values. In this regard, Hope University is required to submit an application form to participate in the following survey on participatory demand for university-linked public data utilization training .   □ Outline of the survey ※ Please refer to attached file for details ㅇ PURPOSE: Promoting the practice of using public data through the linkage of university curriculum to spread the social consensus on the value of utilizing public data. ㅇ Target organizations: Domestic universities wishing to use data utilization training * All universities covered by Article 2 ( 1 ) of the Higher Education Act ㅇ Submission deadline: From May 5, 2015 (Wed) to 25 (Fri), 17:00 ㅇ Submission method: Attached file 2 (Attachments 1 and 2) After completing the form, electronic distribution or e-mail submission - Inquiries can not be made by visiting or mailing. When submitting electronic distribution, submit the submitted materials by e-mail on time due to compliance with the deadline. ㅇ Address : E-mail ( ) - Electronic Distribution (Public Data Utilization Team, Korea Information Technology Promotion Agency)   □ Practical training overview ㅇ Name: Public Data Utilization Training * Linking public data utilization training with existing curriculum or opening special curriculum ㅇ Subject: Students participating in practical training (about 20 students) ㅇ Training period: '18. July to December ㅇ Training time: 22 hours in total ㅇ Educational contents: development of public data-utilizing app, analysis and visualization of public data ㅇ Educational support: Practical training fee (max. 22 hours) and textbook   □ Inquiries : Public Data Utilization Team, Korea Informatization Promotion Agency (053-230-1557)       Attached file 1. Public recruitment announcement 2. Application for participation in public data utilization training

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